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5:00     Wake-up

5:30     Transport to site

5:45     Begin work

8:30     Breakfast (on site)

11:00   Short break

13:00   Lunch/rest at Field School

16:30   Pottery washing

18:00   Lecture

19:00   Dinner

20:00   Free (occasional lecture/film)


Dates: TBD

Willing workers committing to the project for a minimum of two weeks are encouraged to apply to join us for the 2025 season. Accommodations will be provided at the Mount Hermon Field School.


Room and Board Fees: TBD.



We are educators as well as researchers and we are committed to providing a top-rate educational experience for all participants. A series of hands-on field lectures provide the basics of excavation techniques and evening lectures by experts working in a variety of subfields of archaeology enrich the student's understanding of the larger field. Academic credit is available through Hebrew Union College and Includes four lectures a week and one field trip (the 3 credit course requires a minimum of 4 weeks participation). The tuition fee for this course is TBD.


As part of the educational component of the program for all participants, one day each week we will embark on an afternoon field trip. Sites visited may include Hazor, Et-Tel/Bethsaida, Caesaea Philipi/Banias, the Herodian Omrit Temple, and Nimrod's Ayyubid-Mameluke Castle, and are in some cases led by the excavators of these projects. Weekend and post-dig tours may also be arranged upon request. 

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How to Apply
Once the application is available in the Fall of 2024, please fill out the online request below to receive the application forms, or click on the MS Word docx button to download the forms. Please be sure to indicate if you would like to dig for the entire season or for a shorter timeframe during the season (two week minimum). Please also indicate if you have any interest in the academic credit program. Application deadline to secure lodging: TBD.  An informational brochure from past seasons may also be downloaded here by clicking the PDF button below. An electronic version of our volunteer guide and field manual will be sent to participants upon acceptance to the project.

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Application Forms Download
Informational Brochure 
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